Using 48hourprint coupons to get good prices on printing services

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As a business owner, I have quite a few printing needs, which include things like business cards, postcards, business mailings, posters, and brochures. As you might imagine, the cost of printing is not negligible, especially if you’re involved in a direct marketing campaign where you are mailing thousands or items to people.

A couple years ago, I figured that since the world was going digital, I can forgo most of my printing, except for business cards. Although I ramped up my online marketing, I noticed a drop in business at that time. When I resumed my printing and mailing campaigns, business picked up a gain. So while it’s true that we are relying more and more on digital information, printing still has its place in the business world. Instead of cutting costs by eliminating printing altogether, I have instead opted to begin using online printing services like 48hourprint to cut my expenses. I now rely almost exclusively on this great online printing company, and frequently use 48hourprint coupons at to ensure that I’m getting the best discount I can get any time I place a large order.

Now, to be sure, there are tons of printing companies you can select from online. You’ve probably even seen commercials for some of the larger companies like Vistaprint. By all means, you should experiment with different printing services, but I prefer services like 48hourprint because of one thing: time. I am usually pretty swamped with things to do, and only manage to get started on direct marketing campaigns at the last minute. This means that I need a service that has quick turnaround. 48hourprint fits the bill for me for this very reason. I’ve never had a problem getting a campaign completed in time, even when it was very rushed. And quite conveniently, 48hourprint offers mailing services as well. I do use their mailing services, but provide them with my own lists. I find that this gets me the best results.

So if you are looking for a printing service, definitely consider 48hourprint as one of the companies to try out for your next marketing campaign if you’re interested in the best, cheap printing service.