Looking for a good ecig? Try Halo Cigs

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Ecigs are pretty cheap on the whole. If you buy generic brands like the batteries sold by Kanger, you can often get batteries for as little as 7 or 8 dollars. On the whole, such batteries are decent, but I personally think it is a smart idea to buy more premium batteries. For just a couple dollars more, a premium battery will function better, last longer, and make for a better vaping experience for you.

Halo G6Take Halo, for example. This company offers batteries which in my opinion last a lot longer than generic batteries I’ve purchased in the past. Moreover, I have found that visually, Halo batteries look better, being available in more colors and having a rubbery surface so that they are less likely to slip.

I prefer the smaller G6 batteries myself, but Halo does offer a thicker, mod-style battery called the Triton. Near as I can tell, the Triton is more or less the same as an ego-style battery. However, I’m willing to bet that they are more well-made and last longer.

Cartomizers sold by Halo are also very good. Again, I am finding that Halo cartomizers last much longer than other choices out there. Although I’m not a heavy vaper, I find that these cartridges last me, on average, 3 weeks or more. Even if you vape quite a lot, I would think that Halo cartomizers will last a week before you need to replace them.

For all the benefits you receive, Halo is not that expensive. You can get Halo coupons from sites like http://e-cigbargains.com to save some money. Halo Cigs is my favorite brand of e-cigarettes, and if you try them, I think you’ll be impressed by their quality.