Are disposable contact lenses worth the extra price?

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If you wear contact lenses, there are quite a few brands to choose from. Sometimes, it can be a bit difficult deciding what type of lenses are best for you. Things you need to take into account include price, brand reputation, and how sensitive your eyes are. Here are my thoughts on some of the major types of lenses out there.

Save Money at Lens.comSoft Contacts
These are the cheapest lenses, but require the most care. They are a good choice if you have no eye problems and want an affordable solution. Depending on the lens, regular cleaning will be required.

Extended Wear Lenses
Typically, you can wear these lenses for a week or longer. However, it’s recommended that you take them off nightly so that your eyes have a chance to breathe. I personally like the Air Optix brand and use Night & Day lenses myself. They are extremely soft and comfortable, and I can use the same lenses for a month.

Disposable Lenses
If money is not an issue for you, these are probably the best lenses you can get. In most cases, you simply wear them for a day then throw them out. The great thing about daily disposables is that you are always wearing a brand new pair of lenses, and you don’t have to deal with any of the typical cleaning and storage hassles that come with regular soft contact lenses. A good brand to choose in this category is Focus Dailies by Alcon.

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